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Need a Family Lawyer or a Children Lawyer?

Looking for a lawyer that will help you sort out issues related to family law? Find information about lawyers specialising in family law and child law here.

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Family Lawyers and Children Lawyers: Attorneys, Solicitors and Barristers

Find a family law lawyer, barrister or a family solicitor on Lawyer Choice website.

Please note this content is general information only and it does not constitute legal advice.

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What are family law solicitors, lawyers or attorneys?

Family law relates to a large number of affairs, as outlined below. However, within what seems to be a very similar area, for example within child matters, different countries and even states within the same country will have quite different legislation.

Lawyer is a broad term, covering many legal aspects. In some countries you will seek a family lawyer, in another they will be called a family attorney, a family solicitor.

You may also need to look for a good barrister who specialises in family law. However, with a barrister, you may need a solicitor's referral. Some barristers offer a so-called "reverse referral", which means they will find a solicitor for you. This solicitor will then work with this barrister regarding your family law matters.

Family lawyers in your local area should be able to advise you on hhow you can get started with solving your family and child law matters.

When your family needs a lawyer

At some stage almost every family needs a lawyer. Sometimes it's for pleasant reasons, like to help you with your assets and better provide for your family. At other times, it may be for not-so-pleasant or outright distressing reasons. You may be going through separation or divorce. You may want to ensure you have the right level of custody or access to your children. You may need to ensure you get financial support from your partner after you part ways.

In these distressing times a family solicitor or barrister may be able to help you not only achieve the desirable outcome, but also protect you from consequences of actions that may otherwise impact your settlement.

There are plenty of options for family disputes, most of them get settled without the need to go to court. A family lawyer may be able to advise on counselling options, negotiation and dispute resolution that may help you solve your issues without taking them to court.

However, in case these pre-court negitiations should fail, a family layer should be able to assist you with court proceedings.

Types of family law expertise

There are many areas that famil lawyers may be able to help with. You may seek lawyers such as:

PRE-MARRIAGE ISSUES lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys

• Pre-nuptial property agreements lawyer
Depending on your circumstances, you may want to add extra protection to the wealth you have accumulated before gettign married. Legal agreements protecting your assets and property should be written up and signed with the assistance of a solicitor. You may also want to check if your spouse-to-be is suggesting an agreement that may pose some risks or threats to your wealth later on. Also, often people who are getting married or enter de-facto relationships after their first marriage has ennded, may want extra financial protection. This is often done so that your children from your first marriage retain maximum rights to the assets that their parents have accumulated.

FAMILY CONFLICT AND DISPUTE lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys

• Family Court lawyer
• Lawyer assistance in mediation or arbitration
• Lawyer assisting with cases in Family Court or the High Court
• Lawyer advising on appeal from family court and taking the case to High Court
• Lawyer assistance with claims related to Family Protection Act
Every family argues from times to times. Luckily, we love our family and because of this we manage to overcome most conflicts ourselves pretty easily. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The difference of opinion can be too strong to reach an agreement without reverting to a third party. Luckily, the majority of family disputes don't need to go to court. Most countries have a number of negotiation services available, helping with mediation and dispute resolution. Uusually the outcome can be a better one than dragging your family to court.

CHILD ISSUES lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys

• Child lawyer
• Child support lawyer
• Parenting plans, agreements and arrangements lawyer
• Care of child lawyer
• Lawyer help with child visiting rights
• Lawyer assisting with guardianship
• International adoption - lawyer assistance
• Lawyer help with adoption within your country or interstate
• Lawyer assistance with matters related to foster care of a child
• Hague Convention laws - lawyer assistance
• Lawyer advice on child abuse at childcare kindy or school
• Child support and maintenance - lawyer assistance
• Custody and care of child: lawyer advice
• Lawyer advice on contact with children
• Lawyer assistance with access to child
• Lawyer advice on adoption
• Laweyr help with the legal aspects of adoping a child
• Lawyer assistance with international adoption
• Lawyer assistance with matters related to relocationg children
• Lawyer advice on international travel with children and taking your child overseas
• Lawyer assistance with child abduction - kidnapping
• Care and protection of children - lawyer advice
• Child support - lawyer advice
• Child care settlement lawyer
• Parenting orders lawyer for every day care of children
• Custody lawyer
• Access lawyer
One of the most painful, heart-breaking areas of law: often children, instead of being the most loved and protected members of our family, become the object of games and revenge from one of the parents when the marriage breaks down. Negotiations and tricks go on forever, adults seem to forget that there's a real young person suffering hugely from the marriage breakdown, but their suffering is multiplied by the dirty games one or both of the parents play, knowing how much they hurt the other parent.

Often, the leaving parent is trying to avoid or minimise the financial support provided to the children after divorce or separation. All sort of excuses are being used: "the government pays you", "you'll waste it anyhow", "look, I'm broke", "look, I've lost my job". Family lawyers can help you get financial support for your children protected and they can best advise what future scenarios can hapen.

Also, there are many cases of domestic violence and child abuse behind the family door. Sometimes the other parent has no idea about the abuse happening, sometimes the parent has been forced and intimidated to accept the unacceptable violence. In these cases the help of family lawyers and social institutions may be invaluable.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys

• Domestic protection lawyer
• Child abuse - lawyer assistance
• Lawyer help in cases of home violence and domestic abuse
• Lawyer help with Apprehensive Violence Orders AVO, including unfair AVO and unrealistic AVO
One of the taboo areas in most societies, domestic violence seems to be way more wide-spread than generally thought. Some cultures put a lot of emphasis on protecting the weaker and more vulnerable members of the society. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cultures that covertly or openly approve violence against those who should require most protection. Luckily, most civilised countries have legal systems that can help victims of domestic viloence break the vicious circle and stop the abuse. Seek legal help if you are a victim of domestic violence, or if you can see it happen to someone in your family.

FAMILY BREAKDOWN, SEPARATION AND DIVORCE lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys

• Legal advice on separation agreements
• Lawyer that can help with separation agreements
• Lawyer assisting with divorce paperwork and proceedings
• Martimonial agreement and settlement lawyer
• De-facto settlement lawyer

• Legal matters related to the divorce and dissolution of marriage
• Lawyer assistance with property sharing arrangements
• Resolution of relationship (divorce) and matrimonial property (marriage or family property) disputes lawyer including mediation lawyer
• Spousal maintenance lawyer
• Ex-wife support money - lawyer advice
• Ex-husband support money - lawyer advice
Every family breakdown, every separation and divorce is stressful. Unfortunately, many people ivolved harbour all sort of negative feelings and desire for deception or revenge. These compound the stress of separation and fundamental changes in the lives of all involved parties. If the sides don't show the maturity of amicable separation, lawyer help may be needed to protect you against any existing or potential risks or losses. Family solicitors or barristers should be able to help you with these problems.

FAMILY PROPERTY MONEY TRUST ESTATE AND OTHER ASSETS lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys

• Deceased estate property lawyer, providing legal assistance with disputes and law suit
• Lawyer help with family property and estate claims
• Lawyer providing advice related to the Testamentary Promises Act
• Lawyer help with relationship property disputes
• Lawyer assistance with claims under the property Relationship Act
• Relationship property lawer - property agreements
• De facto property lawyer
• Lawyer that can help with injunctions to stop removing property and assets
• Family laweyr assisting with last will disputes, conflicts and settlement
• Lawyer advice on Property Relationships Act

You've been working hard to best provide for those you love most. But are your assets protected against numerous risks? Have you got a current will? What about your estate? On these matters everyone should seek legal advice and protection. The sooner the better.

Have you been promised some inheritance? Do you think you are entitled to inheritance from your family member or someone close to you? You may need to seek advice from a lawyer that will be able to look into your situation.

OTHER FAMILY ISSUES lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys

• Lawyer assisting with claims under the Family Protection Act
• Lawyer help in law suit under family law (family law litigation)
• Lawyer help with appeal from Family Court to High Court
• Mental health and illness lawyer
• Paternity lawyer
• Lawyer helping with contracting out agreements
• Lawyer assistance with property in case for the death of the partner: husband, wife or de-facto partner

• Lawyer assitance with family money, family trust and other family assets
• Lawyer help with a family trust
There are lots of different situations relating to family life that may require advice or assistance of a lawyer. Experienced family lawyers will be able to help you with your matters.

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Please note all content on Lawyer Choice website is general information only and it does not constitute legal advice.

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